Move For Life

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Joshua Keefe

Joshua is a Queensland born, Perth raised, Australian Professional Ballroom Dancer who specialises as a Latin American Dancer.

Joshua started dancing at the early age of 10 at school dance classes and quickly started his competitive career about a year later. At the young age of 15, and under the guidance of coach Michael Baker, Joshua became well-regarded in the industry for his creativity in choreography and development of a unique performance based style.

In 2014, Josh founded “Move For Life”, a dance company, focused on Empowering through Dance. The company has been well received in Hong Kong especially by Hong Kong’s most prestigious International schools, Kindergartens, special needs schools and children's activity organisations.

Victoria Akhurst

Victoria was born in Maitland, New South Wales to dance teacher parents so her exposure to dancing started right away.

As a young girl Victoria took up ballroom, jazz and ballet and continued this multidisciplinary study throughout her childhood before choosing to focus on Latin dancing at 20 years old which she then competed in at an international level and represented Australia on the world stage for many years.

Victoria moved to Hong Kong in 2014 in order to further her competitive dancing career and work under the best teachers and coaches the world had to offer. While in Hong Kong she co-founded the dance company "Move For Life" and works as a director taking the company in new and exciting directions. The company has been well received in Hong Kong especially by Hong Kong’s most prestigious International schools, Kindergartens, special needs schools and children’s activity organisations.

Declan Taylor

Declan was born in Emerald, Queensland and started ballroom dancing and ballet at the age of four.

Throughout his schooling years he experimented with a variety of musical instruments and competed in Latin dancing. He became the Australian Junior Latin Dance Champion at 15.

While shifting his competitive career to focus on the international scene by entering competitions in Asia and Europe, Declan went on to coach two Australian Junior Latin Champions and was the conductor for two percussion ensembles.

In 2014, Declan chose to move to Hong Kong to work with his teachers full time and give more focus on his competitive career and became a co-founder for the dance company "Move For Life" where he now heads Curriculum Development.

Classes Week 1,3,5,7

(3-5 Years and 6-11 Years)

Space Adventure

(3-5 Years)

Week 1

1. Spaceship Dance

2. Space Bop Dance

3. Planets Brain Break

4. Magic Dust Dance


(6-11 Years)

Week 1

Week 1 is all about ENCANTO! We have taken two of the most popular songs from the

wildly popular movie and created our own dance routines to go along with them!

Dance 1: Surface Pressure - Hip-hop

Dance 2: We Don’t Talk About Bruno - Latin Fusion

Under the Sea

(3-5 Years)

Week 3

1. Jellyfish Dance

2. Sea Animal Dance

3. Seaweed Dance

4. Pirate Dance

5. Baby Shark

Latin Dance

(6-11 Years)

Week 3

Week 2 is our LATIN PARTY! We will learn two fiery Latin dance pieces and wiggle our hips

all through the week!

Dance 1: Light It Up - Samba / Hip-hop

Dance 2: Cha Cha - Cha Cha Cha

Latin Dance

(3-5 Years)

Week 5

1. Cha Cha Wiggle

2. Baila Bounce

3. Retro Jive

4. Cheerful Cha Cha

5. Samba Shake

Jazz Dance

(6-11 Years)

Week 5

Week 3 - It’s JAZZ week! We have two jazz pieces to learn this week and they are very high energy! We are all going to need our focus this week as these routines can be quite tricky!

Dance 1: Jazz

Dance 2: I Don’t Know Why (NOTD, Astrid S) - Jazz

Dance Through Time

(3-5 Years)

Week 7

1. Dinosaur Fosse

2. Pirate Dance

3. Space and Time Machine

4. Storybook Waltz

5. Lost Jungle Dance

Dance K-POP

(6-11 Years)

Week 7

Why not finish off summer with a party? Week 4 is a K-POP PARTY! These dances are packed with energy and positive vibes. They are the perfect send off to our summer


Dance 1: HIP (Mamamoo) - K-pop

Dance 2: Love Me Right (EXO) - K-pop / Hip-hop

Dance For Joy

Please check the daily theme and session details below

Bill Castillo

Bill has been trained in the performing arts at an early age. He was a member of a

famous sing and dance group ambassadors of La Salle Greenhills called “Kundirana” which honed his artistic talent in singing and performing. He travelled numerous times in the US to sing and perform representing the school and the

country. Since then, he developed his passion for performing.

He went to Hong Kong and was taken in as the vocal male soloist in the High School Musical LIVE and the Golden Mickeys. He also performed in different events around Hong Kong and China throughout his international career. Not long after, Bill established Dance for Joy HK, a dance company that caters to children and adults

alike. Bill continues to pursue his purpose and passion in music and singing through honing the talents of his students. Bill’s Pop group garnered first place in music competitions in September 2018 and January 2020. In a short period of time, Bill was able to make a name for himself by bringing physical and spiritual wellness

through music and dance.

Fay Castillo

Faye first learned ballet at the age of 4 and eventually fell in love with the mainstream dance style of jazz and hip-hop. She was trained under Halili-Cruz School of Dance in the Philippines. She travelled and competed internationally with the group and won several awards in the ballet category in the Asia Pacific Dance Competition held in Singapore. She was hired in Hong Kong Disneyland as a Parade Dancer in 2005. Faye then joined the Lion King Show as a show dancer.

After more than 20 years of performing, Faye and her husband Bill founded Dance for Joy in 2014. The company won several awards in competitions in Hong Kong. Dance for Joy is also known for delivering outstanding shows and company events including Cathay Pacific’s Chinese New Year Events. Faye continues to teach and share her passion, skill and knowledge in her dance classes. Faye, an energetic, motivational teacher in the dance room, inspires students and challenges

them to improve their dancing so they can exceed their boundaries.

Nathalie Jean Baluyot

A well-trained and versatile dance teacher. Nathalie is professionally trained in gymnastics, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary and ballroom. She has performed on

numerous platforms, including concerts, international events and major entertainment events in Hong Kong.

As a dance teacher, she has garnered a number of championship in Hip Hop, Cheerleading and Jazz competitions. She strives for all her students to flourish and gain confidence through dance. Nathalie’s classes

Classes Week 2,4,6,8

(3-5 Years and 6-11 Years)

Funky Dance

(3-5 Years & 6-11 Years)

Week 2

This class is for energetic kiddos who just love to move and dance! Children will explore the basic movement of dance in a fun and engaging way! This class will enable them to let loose while developing dance rhythm & coordination, creativity and musicality. Class includes warm-up, grooving, dance games and basic choreography. All music and dance moves are age appropriate.

K-POP Hip-Hop

(3-5 Years & 6-11 Years)

Week 4

A high-energy, fun dance class that features the popular K-POP moves of today! Children will explore the basic movement of hip-hop dance then we move into choreography set to today’s groove worthy K-POP jams! Class includes warm-up, grooving, dance games and basic choreography. All music and dance moves are age appropriate.

Jazz Funk

(3-5 Years & 6-11 Years)

Week 6

Learn the technique of jazz in the upbeat dance style of funk! This class will teach proper jazz technique to develop rhythm and coordination while expressing the students’ own style and self-expression. A fun technique class with an attitude!

Gymnastricks Acro Dance

(3-5 Years & 6-11 Years)

Week 8

Gymnastricks is based on Acrobatic Arts Acro Dance Syllabus. A safe and effective programme includes flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling. It is fusion of modern dance, jazz, artistic gymnastics, acro yoga, hand balancing and more. This fun class is perfect for kids who loves to tumble and stretch!

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